Aussie Lawn Mowing Tips & Tricks

The Do's & Don'ts for mowing Aussie Lawns


A lush expanse of green lawn is one of the great traditions of the Aussie garden. Whether it be the traditional quarter acre block or an  inner city courtyard, lawns have always been a terrific source of pleasure and pride.

Growing and maintaining a great looking and healthy lawn takes some effort and planning, but thankfully not too much.  This sensible approach will guide you in how to mow your lawn and keep it looking great under our harsh Aussie sun.

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 The Do's

  Mow in the morning or late afternoonAvoid the middle of the day where the temperatures can be higher or even extreme.

  Service your lawn mower regularly and pay particular attention to the sharpness of the blades.  Dull blades will damage grass blades whilst new sharp blades will slice the blades cleanly.  Always follow the manufacturers recommendations for maintenance of your mower to ensure years of trouble free use.

  Empty the catcher frequently.  Leaving the catcher till it is very full tends to leave cuttings on the lawn and reduces the effectiveness of your lawn mower.

  Use the "bare foot test".  Mow the grass to a height where you feel a springy feeling when walking on it barefoot.  

  The frequency of the cutting are an important aspect to healthy growth.  As a guide, aim to cut about 1/3 of the grass blades in a single mowing session.  A rule of thumb for frequency of mowing is about once a fortnight during warmer times of the year and once every four weeks during winter.  Regular mowing encourages more green blades and leaves to grow and flourish.

The Don'ts

  Never mow wet grass and do not water just before mowing as this will create clumps of uneven cuts of grass to gather under your lawn mower

  Don't mow too short.  You may think that you are getting the jump on growth but you will actually damage your lawn leaving patchy areas that make it easy for weeds to grow.

  Don't mow too often or not frequently enough. Aim to take the top 1/3 off the lawn.  So following the bare foot test, you can work out when to mow depending on the growing conditions and prevailing weather conditions.  

  Don't leave grass clippings to rot on your lawn.  Always rake up old clippings as they can stop the flow of air and stifle healthy growth of your grass blades.  If you use a mulching mower, then stay tuned for our mulching guide blog entry.  Coming soon......

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